Refinancing of loans

What is refinancing?

Refinancing literally means new financing, which is done most often for two reasons. The first is finding better terms for a loan – lower interest rate, preferential terms, longer repayment period, etc.
The second reason is the convenience it offers.

Instead of paying off multiple loans to different financial institutions, which means remembering dates, making payments to each separately, and a dozen more responsibilities, you can simply consolidate all your obligations into one single loan.

At Light Finance, we always strive to offer you competitive terms for mortgage-backed refinancing. When you apply with us, you’ll have the opportunity to consolidate all of your overdue loans into one, and you may even receive additional financing. We know that our clients are different, so our conditions are individual.

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how can I apply for refinancing

We choose suitable
conditions for you


your obligations

* Apply online or at one of our offices. If you need additional funds, we will transfer the balance to your account.
For additional and specific information from refinance loans , please contact us.

Is refinancing a good option?

For us, the answer is a resounding YES if you are looking for at least one of the following benefits:

Better conditions

If you have entered into a contract with a lender who has not given you good terms on your loan, or if interest rates have fallen since you took out the loan, now is your chance to remortgage and re-sign on better terms.

Increase of credit

There are many reasons why you may wish to increase your original loan but your current lender may not allow you to. For example, you may want to repay an old debt and have the extra amount freely available, or the loan is no longer sufficient for the purpose for which you took it out and you need more capital. With Light Finance this is not a problem.

New start

If you want to start fresh, refinancing is the ideal option. For example, if you have overdue loans and are being charged penalty interest, then by refinancing you can give yourself a fresh start. Restart all credits in one convenient product.

Easier service

Imagine all your loans being bundled into one monthly payment, everything becomes easier and faster. No longer will you have to pay multiple installments on different dates, with different amounts and fees for each transfer to different lenders. You combine all your payments to Light Finance and pay only once a month, on a pre-agreed, convenient for you, repayment plan.

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what sets us apart

We are ready to say “Yes” to you,
even when the bank has told you “No”

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Why refinance
with Light Finance?

Refinancing with Light Finance can allow you to lower your monthly payments, save money on interest over the life of the loan, and pay off your mortgage early. We are a trusted partner to hundreds of Bulgarian families and businesses and aim to give you the freedom to mortgage your property on better terms.