Frequently Asked Questions

  • On the phone.
  • Online, by completing an online application.
  • On site at our offices.
  • You must have Bulgarian citizenship or permanent resident status (for foreign nationals).
  • Be over 18 years of age.
  • Offer collateral for the loan.

No, Light Finance does not apply document review fees.

  • By bank transfer.
  • Bulgarian Leva (BGN) or Euro (EUR)
  • First mortgage on residential immovable property (apartment, floor of a house, house or other type of dwelling, including ideal parts), non-residential immovable property (office, shop, factory, etc.), land plots, including ideal parts and land properties located in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • In addition to the real estate mentioned above, Light Finance may also accept as additional collateral a pledge of a commercial company, a solidary debtor and a surety on the loan.

We may accept a building at the “rough construction” stage as collateral if the goal is to finish it. In this case, Light Finance will require a cost document for each stage of the finishing works.

A foreclosure is not a bar to us approving you for the requested loan. Light Finance will assist in its deletion.

It is possible to accept agricultural land as collateral.

In order to make it as easy as possible for our clients, we require a minimum set of documents regarding the proposed collateral and the borrower’s income. Contact one of our representatives for more information.

Depending on the sale price and the value of the property, the borrower may need to provide a down payment in order to complete the purchase.

You may apply for a loan after a change in your economic and/or social status (e.g. additional income, new job, new collateral other than your previous collateral, etc.).

Light Finance will review all available documents. If the existing appraisal does not provide the necessary information regarding the proposed collateral, you will need to update the appraisal or have a new appraisal prepared by a licensed appraiser.

In the event of a liability to Local Taxes and Charges, Light Finance will provide the funds to pay it. Contact us.

Refinancing is the replacement of one loan with another on terms more suitable for the customer. It is also used when combining several obligations into one and when additional funds are needed.

You want to make an informed decision when you decide to refinance, so watch out! One way to find out if it makes sense is to calculate how much you’ll save on interest, but you also need to take into account the cost of refinancing.

Do some research and compare refinance rates from different lenders, lending institutions and traditional banks. Getting multiple quotes ensures that you can find out the best price for your credit profile. The Light Finance team can help you with this.

Don’t worry, both the law and additional regulations provide for this situation. Contact us for assistance.

By bank transfer.

Yes, you can repay all or part of your loan early at any time. To obtain further information, please let your credit advisor know or contact us on 0700 700 79.

You may make payments over the monthly instalment at any time you are able to do so. Doing so will reduce the total cost of the loan, but it will not exempt you from paying the next monthly installment under a repayment plan.

The amount paid in excess of the monthly instalment will result in a reduction in the loan balance and the total cost. This does not exempt the borrower from paying each subsequent monthly instalment according to the repayment plan.

If you find yourself in this situation, please contact your credit counsellor immediately to discuss possible solutions. Our credit counsellors will offer you the best way to resolve your difficulties.

Yes, they are protected. Light Finance Ltd. processes your personal details in strict compliance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). More information can be found here.