Company loans

What is business credit?

A business loan is a loan granted to a legal entity, usually for purposes such as business expansion or working capital.

Light Finance offers affordable loans for businesses secured by commercial property, apartments or other types of real estate. Although many financial institutions require you to specify what you will use the loan money for, this is not the case with us. We give you the freedom to use your finances as you see best and build your company’s future your way.

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How can I apply
for a business loan?

Apply online or visit us in the office

Check if you qualify for a business loan quickly, easily and for free.

We prepare an individual offer especially for you

We understand that every business is different, so we approach each client individually.

If our offer satisfies you, we sign a contract

We give you plenty of time to consider our offer and decide whether to accept.

We transfer the money to your account

You receive the funds once the mortgage has been registered at the Land Registry.

All necessary documents

Изтеглете всички важни документи, за да кандидатствате за Фирмени кредити

What sets us apart?

We differ from most financial institutions in that we have a vested interest in the success of your business. We show it not only through our individual attitude to each client, but also through the terms of the company loans we offer. We strive to offer speed and flexibility in our solutions so you can finance even your wildest business goals. We give you access to:

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Даваме ви достъп до фирмени кредити

We give you access to corporate loans: